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eHow Ebook Author Interview: Cyn Vela

Cyn Vela is the latest in the eHow Ebook author interview series. Cyn reached the $1400/month threshold with just five months of writing and 286 articles under her belt! She has written a Writing for eHow ebook explaining her techniques.

What follows is her interview. Thanks to Cyn for participating in this series!

1. What led you to begin writing for eHow?

I am a blogger/webmaster. One of my blogs is dedicated to helping people (primarily moms) find ways of earning money from home. I heard about eHow as a potential money-maker, and put it on my list of companies to research and report on. Several months later, I registered for eHow to check it out. I only intended to stick around long enough to be able to tell my readers about the site and its earning potential. I was hooked after a couple of weeks. :)

2. How many articles have your written?

I’ve written two hundred eighty seven articles for eHow so far.

3. Do you have a background as a writer?

Yes and no. I’ve been writing stories and such since I was a child. I majored in English, but was not really formally trained as a writer, so to speak. I never took journalism or creative writing classes. I always wanted to be a writer “when I grew up,” though, and the internet has made it possible for me to do it successfully.

4. What can you tell us about your eHow earnings?

My eHow earnings both thrill and surprise me. I started writing for eHow on November 12, 2008. That month, I made just over $16. Last month I made more than enough to cover every one of my major bills. It’s insane and exciting.

5. What are your goals concerning eHow?

I aspire to continue to write quality articles and write to the best of my ability.

6. What motivated you to write an ebook?

I told a friend about the site, and encouraged her to register and start writing. She’s a newly-divorced mother, and I knew she could use extra money. I wrote her a crazy-long email, writing in detail each of the little “tricks” I use in order to tweak my articles into money-makers. She took all of the tips I gave her and ran with them. Her first month, she made over $100 using and applying the things I’d told her. I was happy for her, and amazed that my tips helped her earns so much so quickly. That email that I’d sent to her naturally evolved into the “Writing for eHow” ebook.

7. Tell us a little about your ebook and what it covers.

It’s an easy-to-understand book that covers simple-but-powerful tricks. It’s less than 30 pages, and covers things like understanding SEO, finding strong keywords, promoting your articles quickly & effortlessly, and so forth. It’s written in a really conversational but instructional tone. I have written ebooks before, and I like to write in a voice that my reader can relate to and understand without feeling as though I’m talking over their head or “dumbing it down” for them. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about the tone of the “Writing for eHow” ebook, so I’m happy.

8. What else would you want us to know about eHow and your experiences there?

eHow is by far, hands down, the best site I’ve found that can help a person work at home. The earning potential is amazing, the work is simple and rewarding, and there is such a sense of family among the writers. I’ve researched and written about traditional jobs, telecommuting, data entry, and other jobs.... but eHow stands out as the best way to earn money online as far as I’m concerned. My daughter turns 17 on June 29. That means one year until she’s able to start writing for eHow. After witnessing my success on eHow and my enthusiasm about the site, she’s really looking forward to writing for eHow; it will help her earn spending money for college without the stress of holding a traditional job. :)

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John said...

great success story, and gratz on your success

John D - eHow Eperience said...

I've been following eHow.com for a while now and somehow this is my first time hearing about Cyn Vela's e-book.

I'll definitely take a closer look.


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