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eHow Ebook Author Interview: WriterGig

When I first began writing for eHow a little over a year ago, the first ebook I bought was Earn Passive Income on by WriterGig. I'm glad I had it starting out because it showed me what was possible in with eHow. Because of that, I have always appreciated WriterGig's willingness to share her methods and experiences with other writers.

If you read the following interview with WriterGig I think you'll see what I mean. Her eHow earnings are amazing and her goal is to grow them even more. Congrats to Maria on all he success and my thanks to her for participating in the interview.

What led you to begin writing for eHow?

I was writing eHow articles as a freelance writer for a flat fee at about the same time the eHow Writers Compensation program began and I decided to experiment as to which was more lucrative -- the flat fee or the WCP. Very quickly, it became clear to me that I would do much better in the long run writing for the eHow WCP as a site user. One of my early articles began earning quickly and has garnered over $600 to date. This was my first real experience with residual income, and I was hooked.

How many articles have your written?

I have written close to 700 eHow articles; about 400 of these are in the WCP under WriterGig, the rest are not earning residuals.

Do you have a background as a writer?

Yes. My BA is in English Language and Literature and I worked as a writer and assistant editor for a newspaper and then trade publication before I became a work at home mom and freelance writer.

What can you tell us about your eHow earnings?

They could pay my mortgage, utilities, and groceries every month if needed. One of my best months showed a per-article-average of $7.25/ article. Neat fact: 30 of my articles have earned over $100 each; the top two are over $1,000 each now. I made $1,600 the month of my one-year eHow anniversary -- I think this really shows the power of eHow -- only 12 months in, you can make significant residual income. At the 2008 weHow user event, I received the "Highest Earner" eHow acheivement award from Rich, community manager.

What are your goals concerning eHow?

I plan to contribute articles to eHow as long as the WCP continues as it stands currently. While my niche sites and affiliate marketing efforts provide diversification and further earnings, I consider eHow a large part of my overall plan to make $50,000 a year in residual income through online articles.

What motivated you to write an ebook?

As one of the first active and prolific writers in the eHow WCP, I found myself constantly answering questions and providing tips to newer users. I finally kept a Word document with my tips to make it easier to respond to PM's, and the book grew from there.

Tell us a little about your ebook and what it covers.

I share my method for discovering lucrative niches, using keywords, and maximizing residual income through eHow articles. Everything I've learned and that has contributed to my eHow success is shared in the book, which is concise yet thorough. I've had incredible feedback form the book, including a user who went on to write a fast-earning $1,000 article and one whose article earned $200 in one day. Yeah, they used my tips to beat my personal records!

What else would you want us to know about eHow and your experiences there?

In addition to the income potential (I don't mean to over-emphasize that, but it is the main draw for many folks, including myself), eHow is a wonderful community of users form many diverse backgrounds who really have a lot to share, making the community a great place to hang out online. eHow is my favrite social networking site, if it can be considered that. Great place to learn, write and earn.

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