Thursday, June 4, 2009

eHow Ebook Author Interview: Janet Ford

Janet with Richard Rosenblatt, CEO of Demand Media, which owns eHow.

The eHow ebook author interview series continues with Janet Ford. Janet is the author of How to Write for eHow: The Ultimate Guide to Writing on eHow.

Anyone interested in making money with eHow would do well to listen to Janet, who expects to make $20,000 this year with over 400 articles! (Be sure not to miss her special offer at the end of the interview.)

1. What led you to begin writing for eHow?

I was looking for ways to promote myself as an expert in my field (dogs) after I published 'Guide to Ethical Dog Breeding'. I decided writing articles on my given topic was the way I wanted to go to acomplish just that. Ehow ranks quite high with Google so became the logical choice as a platform. I didn't anticipate making any sort of income from ehow when I started out. I figured a few cents here and there would be a nice pat on the back for my efforts but not my main priority.

2. How many articles have your written?

As of this writing, I have 466 published articles on ehow.

3. Do you have a background as a writer?

I did take some creative writing courses in college and wrote 'Guide to
Ethical Dog Breeding' and have worked the last 10 years on my memoir 'Love
You to Pieces', which is due to be handed over to my editor very soon.
Incidentally, I even met my editor on ehow!

4. What can you tell us about your eHow earnings?

My husband was laid off just before Christmas of 2008. He is currently
drawing up plans for working from home. Normally, you'd have to panic over the unemployment running out but ehow has afforded us this luxury.

5. What are your goals concerning eHow?

Financially, my long term goal is to make $30K a year off ehow earnings. I'm on track for making $20K or better this year so I do believe this goal is quite attainable.

6. What motivated you to write an ebook?

I found myself answering many questions about writing successful ehow articles by new members on a regular basis. Many of these questions were so similiar that I felt an ehow guide was in order. I wanted to inspire others to have the same success that I was enjoying. There is nothing special about me or my article topic choices. Anyone who has a good command of their
spelling and grammar can do this.

7. Tell us a little about your ebook and what it covers.

How to Write for eHow was fashioned after ehow's step-by-step style. I have assumed nothing when writing this guide, even filling out your profile for maximum benefit is included. Writing your article is captured in depth, not only filling out the publishing wizard but the explainations on why I suggest specific ways or styles. I've strived to ensure all the basic monetizing, SEO, keyword usage and writing were covered but also took the time to share tips and tricks I've learned during my 19 months of writing for ehow. You can literally sit down with my manual style ebook and go from opening up a new account to writing and promoting your first article and then just repeat it over and over for different articles. Those who have already begun writing for ehow have found a lot of the tips and tricks I share helpful as well.

8. What else would you want us to know about eHow and your experiences

I'd like to see ehow members take the time to enjoy the social aspects of the website. eHow developers go out of their way to make ehow a social experience. This also aides in your getting noticed as a writer on the site and, therefor, increases your readership. Aside from that fact, the majority of ehow members are more than happy to help one another in our common quest
of becoming more successful ehow writers. Questions are always answered quickly on the forums by a variety of people. Those experienced with other work from home type websites can attest to the fact that an active forum can make or break the experience.

As far as my ebook is concerned, I have it sale priced due to having a sequel coming out very soon which will be more than double the size and a bit different format. Those who purchase this sale priced ebook will be eligible to get the new ebook FREE of charge when it comes out. It will be a limited time offering so they will need to keep their receipt and my url handy. I'll also be posting an announcement in the forums of ehow. Another reason to stay social! ;-)


The Critic said...

Great picture Janet!


Anonymous said...


I just bought your eHow ebook, and just quickly scrolling through it I can see that it's going to be amazingly helpful. I look forward to your new one. (Thanks to Julie Mayfield for sending me your way.)

Anonymous said...

I am curious if Janet refers only to the earnings paid directly by eHow or if she includes her ebook sales and affiliate earnings in that number.

Either way, it is certianly impressive!

John D - eHow Eperience said...

Very enjoyable interview.

It's always interesting to see how people at times stumble into things that become their passion (and income).

Like others have commented I'm very much looking forward to Janet's updated e-book.


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