Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Write for eHow Recommends

In my quest to make money on eHow I have investigated lots of different ebooks, blogging systems, software. Below are my recommendations for those I have tried and liked and can heartily recommend.

eHow Ebook

How to Earn Passive Income at Residual Income for Web Content Writers by WriterGig
This was the very first eHow ebook I invested in and it was an excellent choice. Besides giving all the nuts and bolts regarding email, the author describes her experience of moving from a writer for flat payments to a residual income writer and paints an exciting picture of what is possible.

Other Revenue Sharing Content Sites

HubPages and Info Barrel both offer a wonderful user experience with wonderful features and great communication. Both are also in favor with Google so articles get indexed quickly (at least that is the case at the time I'm writing this). These sites can be used as a means of earning income or as a way of driving traffic to your eHow articles or other blogs/websites. Links from these sites are especially valuable since the are 'do-follow'*.

*You do need a certain author/hub score at HubPages for your links to be do-follow but it's not hard to attain.

System for Creating Your Own Money-Making Blogs

The Niche Blogger is a system that Amy Bass used to pay off thousands of dollars in debt. She's created twelve months of content to explain to others how to make money online with the same system.

Keyword Software

I'm loving using Micro Niche Finder to do my keyword research. Every piece of information I could possibly need is so readily available in one place. Here's my complete Micro Niche Finder review.

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Captain eHow said...

I like writing for Infobarrel as it allows you to earn while you promote your eHow articles (or blog). They don't have quite the authority that eHow seems to but it's still worthwhile from what I've seen so far.

Anonymous said...

i read all these blogs about how to make money online; it seems that most of the people who claim to make scads of moolah only write about how to make money by writing about how to make money. lol, too meta for me.


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