Friday, October 2, 2009

eHow Earnings for September

$2.41. That's what I lacked in making $200 in eHow earnings in September. But I'm not complaining. My earnings were $197.59, my highest earning month so far and an almost 15% increase over last month. This despite the fact that I lost articles in last month's eHow sweep.

So that's another $197.59 that will go into my daughter's college savings account. That account, which consists of eHow earnings along with some other online earnings earmarked for this purpose, now stands at over $2600.

By the way, if you haven't given your eHow earnings a job, I highly recommend earmarking them for some specific purpose. It really helps with motivation to know how those funds are going to be used. $200 isn't much money when it's swallowed up with all our other expenses for the month, but $200 added to a college fund takes on more meaning and tends to add up quickly.

I'd love to know, how was your September?


The Chocolate Bunny said...

Congrats on your earnings! I also read your other post on the ehow sweep, and its a shame that they deleted a lot of your articles. It's the spammers that ruin it for everyone.

My Sept. was great, I finally decided to get off my butt and start blogging and making money. lol

passive family income said...

Great job on the September earnings. I had the best month ever and hope to keep this ride going as long as possible!

Julie said...

Good job, guys. Glad to hear your Septembers were great too!

Captain eHow said...

Very nice Sep. earnings! I also had a pretty good month. Ended up a little shy of my $100 goal at $93, but still a nice increase over last month. It's so fun watching earnings go up.

Julie said...

Great earnings, Captain. Congrats!


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