Tuesday, June 2, 2009

eHow Earnings Update for May

The month has closed out and my eHow earnings for May were $166.12. A little dip from last month but still stronger than they had been in the few months prior. I added only two articles in May, which means my May earnings were again almost completely passive income.

Total eHow earnings to date: over $1200 (I keep a running total in the sidebar to the right).

How was your May? I'd love to hear about your experiences on eHow.

Stay tuned for the next installment in the eHow Ebook authors interviews, which is coming later this week.


Anonymous said...

Hi, that's very inspirational! I made $1.88 for the month of may, but I've only written 11 articles so far! Thanks for sharing your earnings, it's inspired me to do the same!

WriterM said...

I made around $17 plus was one of the winners for the ehow Home & Garden contest so add $50 for a total of $67. May was my first full month on ehow. I'm not convinced I am doing SEO properly despite all the reading I've done as it seems I should be doing better. However, at least I am making some money.


PS: I linked you on my blogroll.

This Real Mommy said...

I made .10 in May (I was just starting and only had a few articles out). Your blog gave me the idea to start writing, so thank you. I love the updates that you give!

Julie said...

Brittany, I'm glad you were inspired. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

WriterM, Congrats on the contest and thanks for the link!

This Real Mommy, You are very welcome and thank YOU for reading and commenting!


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