Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to Write for eHow

I've been actively online for almost fifteen years now. Mostly I surf sites and perform research. I've also participated in my share of community forums.

In 2006 I discovered blogging and became immediately obsessed with this new way of expressing myself and connecting with others.

And less than five months ago I discovered eHow.

eHow is a site that is a perfect match for the way I like to write. I like researching and information-gathering. I like putting down what I know on paper (or on the screen) in a logical, sequential way. I like making lists and cataloging things.

I also like making money. And eHow allows me to do that too by sharing in the ad revenue that my articles bring in.

I know whenever I am embarking on a new endeavor, I seek out others who have done the same thing. With that in mind, I am starting this blog as a journal of my experiences writing for eHow, as well as a catalog of eHow tips and tricks I learn along the way.

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