Friday, January 16, 2009

A New eHow Author and Ebook Review

You “meet” the most interesting people on the eHow forums! I want to introduce you to Annalise Kaylor. Annalise is relatively new to eHow, but she is not new to writing online. In addition to doing freelance work, she is the managing editor and a SEO specialist for a major online university.

Her background is important because, like several other successful eHow authors, Annalise has written an ebook designed to help others make money by writing online.

I recently finished reading her book, Writing Online: Making Money and Residual Income with Online Content, and wanted to share my thoughts with you in this review. I have also added Annalise’s ebook to the compare and contrast review I did of the other three eHow ebooks. That post has proven to be very popular with eHow writers overwhelmed by the decision of which eHow ebook(s) in purchase.

Now for the review. Annalise’s book covers eight topics, in addition to an introduction and summary:

· The difference between passive income and residual income
· Understanding keywords, keyword phrases, and SEO
· Writing content to suit keywords
· Other online writing tips
· Websites that pay you to write for them
· Adding to your passive income with affiliate programs
· Other options for earning passive income
· Marketing your content and your site

The following sections are the ones that I thought were especially worth highlighting:

Understanding Keywords, Keyword Phrases, and SEO

If you’ve spent any time on the eHow forums or invested in any of the other eHow ebooks, you no doubt know a thing or two about keywords and SEO. It’s not hard to educate yourself on the basics of this topic and as I began reading this section I found myself a little bored with the basics being covered again. (Of course if you’re a beginner in this area and don’t know much about these topics, you won’t be bored at all; the book does a great job covering the basics.)

As I continued reading, however, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about one keyword technique that I hadn’t seen covered anywhere else. And Annalise also lays out a system of analyzing keyword results that is unique. In a later section she shows you how to use this system when writing your articles.

Other Online Writing Tips

This section is short, but sweet so don’t skip it. It’s a bullet list of information written by someone who knows her way around writing for the web.

In re-reading the book for this review, I was surprised to see an issue addressed that recently received a great deal of attention on the eHow forums. I also like her ideas for getting more articles (and therefore more money) from your content.

Websites that Pay You to Write for Them

This section will be especially valuable for anyone looking to branch out beyond eHow (and really everyone should plan to do this at some point to avoid the “eggs in one basket” syndrome).

Annalise has had some good success writing for another website and her section on this site and the section on eHow are the most detailed. Two other sites are covered with a little less detail, and the section ends with a bullet list of other sites to look into.

Adding to Your Passive Income with Affiliate Programs

If you’re currently using affiliate marketing you aren’t going to find anything new in this section. If, however, you’re an affiliate marketing beginner (or you’re wondering ‘what is affiliate marketing?’) then you’ll find this section will give you a great overview and answer a lot of your questions.

The book even explains how to add an affiliate marketing link to you articles, which is one of the basic questions many web writers have but are afraid to ask on message boards or forums for fear of looking foolish.

Do I think the ebook is worth purchasing?
Yes, I do. I’m a big believer in these ebooks because, the fact is, if you even pick up one suggestion that you begin using you will likely recoup the cost of the book a much more. I’ve written 160+ articles on eHow and I’m still learning.

I can even handle a little repetition. Obviously with each eHow ebook I read I get less and less new information because I’m getting the basics again. But I find that even though I may have read something before, reading it from a different author or source causes me to “hear” it a little differently.

If you’re a beginner, this book is full of great tools that will help you earn more with your eHow articles or other online writing. If you’re already writing or have read other eHow ebooks, you’re likely to pick up enough new stuff to make it worth your while. Either way, there is a money-back guarantee if your earnings don’t increase within 30 days so there’s no risk.

So what’s the bottom line?

The book sells for $25 but is being offered now at $15 with the discount code NEWYEAR. When you go to the site and add the book to your shopping cart, you can enter the discount code and see the discount taken before you complete the purchase process. I mention that because I know I always appreciate seeing the discounted amount before I have to enter any payment information.


Anthony Delgado said...

How long is the book? It looks very interesting and could be a possible future investment for me. Thanks for all the detail. I have a lot of SEO knowledge and have been very successful online, but it is good to see what works for others in order to expand your horizons.

Julie said...

Anthony - It's 27 pages. I agree with you that it's always good to hear from others.

ALRADY said...

Awesome THIS sounds like a great addition to the collection. WHAT I SEE IS EXCITING is that chapter you mentioned on passive and residual incomes. It has been bothering me and I was fixing to write an article about passive income.

I think the term is used to loosely and it has tax implications. I may have to buy her book just for that one part.

Thanks for great review.... I am wondering .. .why aren't any of these books on the ehow book link?

Jamie said...

Thanks for the detailed review!

Since eHow ebooks tend to emphasize different areas, it's really helpful to have a good overview of each one. For me, at least, it helps me choose material that will fill in my knowledge gaps instead of just rehashing stuff I already know.

Julie said...

Alrady - eHow book link? I don't think I know what you're referring to.

Julie said...

Jamie - I agree. This is especially true as more eHow authors come out with their books. I have found, however, at least up to this point, that each one has given me something unique.


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