Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Results of The Passive Income Experiment I Didn't Know I Was Conducting

As I wrote about earlier, I only added three articles in January to my eHow library. That wasn't my intention, but life got in the way.

As it turned out, only one of those articles earned anything: 35 cents. Which means that almost all of my earnings for January were passive income. Income that I earned for work I did prior.

So what was the result? My January earnings were $143.13, an almost 10% increase over December's earnings.

Regular eHow-ers know that things have been a little rocky over there lately. Bugs in the system make writing frustrating, and lately those bugs have extended to views and earnings. It's easy to get discouraged.

And still, with all the rockiness and life getting in the way of my article writing, I continued to earn and, in fact, had my highest month yet.


Maria said...

Julie, a similar thing happened to me -- I only added 11 new articles on eHow in January. While I didn't intend to have a slow month, it did help illustrate to me how much my bank of articles is truly a residual income source.

Jennifer said...

This is great to know. I contined to add to my bank of Ehow articles and saw a nice increase from December. This is reassuring that if I do have to stop writing for a month that my bank of articles will continue to earn for me.

Rooster said...

How are you feeling about the ups and downs at eHow? Do you think things will get ironed out and be a long term site?

pfincome said...

I was up 60% from December to January. However, I had 22 articles prior to January and wrote 22 more last month. How many articles are you up to now?

Julie said...

Rooster - The ups and downs at eHow are frustrating to me, but I still find that it's the best means of making money through writing online that I've found. I have faith that they'll get it all ironed out.

pfincome - I'm at 168 articles right now.

Kathryn said...

I'm really glad to hear about your success with passive income on eHow. I use a few of the passive income sites and have had mixed results with eHow. However, I took a closer look today and discovered that my earnings over time probably make the effort worth it over the long haul so I'm planning to make a more active effort writing there for awhile.

Lindsay said...

Congratulations on your earnings increase. I know I love it when I make a big affiliate sale or have a good Adsense month for a blog or site I haven't worked on in a while. Sometimes it inspires me to go back and work on it again, hah. ;)

I don't do eHow, but I'd probably mine the heck out of whatever articles turned out to be profitable. Go back and do a whole series on that topic, that sort of thing.

Happy writing!

The Passive Dad said...

What a great source of passive income. I started writing last month and have 70 articles. Can't wait for the passive income to start in a few months. Keep us posted on your success.

Julie said...

Passive Dad - 70 articles in a month? That's fantastic!

Suz said...

I haven't started with eHow yet, but need to start!

I enjoy writing and spend way to much time on my blog for little revenue... could probably do much better with eHow.

Just gotta get started... such a procrastinator!


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