Tuesday, August 11, 2009

eHow Quick Tip: Add the Right Photos and Related Articles at the Time You Publish Your Article

Recently I wrote about adding your own related articles to your eHow articles in order to increase your views. Here's another tip in that regard.

It seems to be a bug of eHow that you can't change your related articles after the article is published. At least I haven't had any luck being able to do that. The same also seems to be true of changing photos on your article.

Since this is the case, take the extra time to choose the right photo(s) and related articles at the time you publish an eHow article. The right photos and related articles will go a long way toward making your article work for you.


Maria said...

Julie, this is an important tip, and even if you are just saving the eHow article as a draft, make sure you add the related articles before doing so if you are in the full-view mode; otherwise you will be stuck with default related articles.

Julie said...

Good to know, Maria.

Captain eHow said...

I've always been curious about this. Obviously directing readers to other articles is good because they're staying on your content, but at the same time you're giving them another link to click other than an ad. If you're trying to maximize ad revenue from an eHow post, could placing too many links to other articles be counter productive?

Julie said...


The links to related articles will be there. It's just a question of whether they're your articles or someone else's.

Thanks for commenting!

Sharyn said...

I've been able to change photos on my ehow articles long after publishing, sometimes I've done so a long time after it was originally published. So maybe this is a new glitch that has come up? Or maybe only a problem with some accounts?


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