Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Two Month eHow Earnings Update

I see that it's been two months since I've updated my eHow earnings on this blog. Like a lot of eHow writers, I suffered a dip in earnings during December and January. After two consecutive months (October and November) of $200+ earnings, my December earnings were $189.85 and January's were $158.54. Ouch.

How much of this was due to the UK fiasco at eHow, I'm not sure. With the earnings algorithm kept secret, we never really know. I do know that eHow has made good on their promise to give us a little bonus in earnings in January to make up for the lost UK earnings. My January payment ended up being $175.55, which amounted to a $17 bonus.

The good news in all of this? It's the same as always: residual income. I wrote exactly one article in December and one in January, which means my earnings for those two months, $365.40, were almost entirely passive income! I love that!

So despite the poor communication, and the buggy site, and the monthly rule changes, I plan to continue writing at eHow. It's still fun for me to come up with how-to articles and put them up on the site and see how they do. Some of the ones that become successful continue to surprise me.

Speaking of successful eHow articles, back in June I blogged about my first $100 article. Since that time, that article has almost reached the $200 mark. In fact, three more of my articles have now passed the $100 mark and three more are within $10 of doing so. So it shouldn't be long before I have seven $100+ articles.

There is no way I could have predicted that these would be the articles to cross the barrier and do so well. While I have learned a ton about key word research and still employ it, there is still a lot of mystery and luck involved when it comes to making money online.

So how's that for a silver lining for these past two dreary months? Residual income and $100+ articles are what we'll keep me plugging on at eHow. How have your earnings been?

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JadeDragon@innovativepassiveincome said...

Glad to see you are doing well on eHow. WriterGig's book (recommended above) is pretty good. Worth getting.

Julie said...

Thanks for the comment, Jade.

eHow100 said...

I'm very impressed by your results. I've just started out and I'm challenging myself to write 100 articles in 100 days. I hope that I'm able to achieve a fraction of your success. Great job on ehow... and I really like your blog. I'll be back.

Julie said...

eHow100 - Good luck in your goal! Once you get to 100 articles you can really take stock of where you're at and how eHow is going to work for you. There's a lot to be said for learning by doing. I look forward to hearing about your results!

L. Shepherd said...

I agree with the surprise- my two highest-earning articles were quick articles that I never really expected that much from. One of them literally took me 10 minutes to write.


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