Monday, March 1, 2010

February Update: eHow and Xomba Earnings

eHow Earnings

eHow earnings seem to be getting back on track. My February earnings were $183.59, a 15%+ increase over January. They still haven't rebounded back to my October high of $205 but I do feel we're moving in the right direction. As I like to point out every month, almost all of this was residual income as I only wrote five eHow article in Feburary.

Xomba Earnings

While eHow was having publishing issues in February, I began an experiment using Xomba to build a residual income stream while creating backlinks to my eHow articles. I posted my first Xomblurb (a link to an eHow article with a 50 word description) on February 18. Since that time I have posted approximately 90 more Xomblurbs linking to my eHow articles, which I estimate has taken me only a couple of hours to do because these 50 word blurbs are so easy to write.

Last Friday I told you my Xomba earnings stood at $4.35. Today they're at $5.99 so they continue to grow.  I love this for two reasons:
  1. Like eHow, Xomba is another source of residual income and I've become very passionate about residual income.
  2. The income I earn at Xomba is primarily a result of creating links to my eHow articles, so it is win/win.
I'd love to hear how your February turned out, both at eHow and at other online sites. I hope you'll take a moment to share.

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