Friday, April 2, 2010

eHow Earnings are Back on the Rise!

March turned out to be my best month ever on eHow. My earnings were $225.98, nearly 10% higher than my previous high. This brings my total earnings at eHow to over $3000! That's an exciting milestone for me.

I did very little writing in March so I think this has to do with eHow fixing the UK issues as well as some backlinking I've been doing to my eHow articles from Xomba. Residual income is wonderful!

Speaking of residual income, I plan to soon share some details about another great source of residual income for me. If you're interested in passive/residual income I hope you'll subscribe and stay tuned for more information.

How was your March at eHow or otherwise? Hope it was happy and prosperous!

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Brian said...

That's great to hear - my residuals from eHow were up somewhere around 80 percent in March! The eHow UK thing surely was fixed after seeing these increases. Good luck to you in April.

Julie said...

Congratulations, Brian. Here's to a great April.

Rachel @ Pen Meets Wallet said...

It was a good month on eHow for me too! My earnings were the highest they've been since November. I am very optimistic about the future of eHow now.

Julie said...

Congrats, Rachel!

Virginia Allain said...

March 2010 was my best income month ever for eHow. That's without publishing a thing there since mid-February.


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