Sunday, October 17, 2010

Redgage Earnings

I use the Redgage site for two things: to create backlinks to my other online content and to upload photos. As I wrote about earlier, Redgage is a great site to use to earn some money for your photos, particularly if those photos don't meet the criteria for photo stock sites.

I'm guessing that I log onto Redgage about once a month or so to see what's happening with my content and to upload a few more links or photos. Recently I logged on and discovered that my account stood at $48.20 in earnings. You are eligible to withdraw money in $25 increments, so I put in my first withdrawal request (Redgage pays by sending you a Visa check card, which they refill for future withdrawals).

A quick check of my account shows that it took me a little over a year to earn that money. My first earnings were in August, 2009. My earnings break down as follows:

Content earnings: $5.35 (I currently make 88 cents per each 1000 page views of my content.)
Feature bonuses: $17.85 (Anytime your content is featured on the Redgage homepage, you earn a bonus. Usually it's in the neighborhood of a few dollars.)
Contest Earnings: $25.00 (Redgage holds a daily $25 contest, and I won during September. You earn entries by uploading content, writing original content, and referring others to the site.)

I've requested a $25 withdrawal to my Redgage Visa check card, and hopefully I'll soon be able to do that again.

Probably the biggest benefit of Redgage, however, is that it allows me to create do-follow backlinks to my other online content. The way the site is set up, I can do that with anchored text for exactly the keywords I want to target. Redgage can be glitchy, but this morning I found it working fine and very quickly created about 20 backlinks.

If you'd like to create backlinks to your other content, or simply earn some extra money through page views and bonuses, I encourage you to sign up for Redgage today (referral link). It's free and easy to do. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them!

Sign Up for Redgage (referral link)

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