Saturday, November 1, 2008

eHow Earnings Update

Recently I attended an eHow User Group gathering in California. The gathering was organized by eHow and part of the purpose was to get feedback from those who write on eHow.

There were seventeen writers in attendance and time and again I heard this story: "I wrote a few articles for eHow and then forgot about them. Later I checked back and found they had made money and I got excited."

That is my story as well. I wrote two articles for eHow, How to Make Homemade Pancake Mix and How to Figure Your Car's Gas Mileage, and promptly forgot about them. I checked back a month or so later and saw that together they had earned $1.49. I have never been so excited about $1.49 in my life!

Obviously I wasn't excited about the amount of money, but about the potential I saw in eHow. It took me just a few minutes to write those articles because it was knowledge I already possessed. I just needed to put it in the form of a few steps.

And if those two bits of knowledge could earn me $1.49 in a month...what would they earn me over their lifetime at eHow? And what if I could add other bits of knowledge to them?

That was five months ago and, to date, those two articles have earned $10.11. Since then I've added 125 other articles to eHow. Some have earned great, some just so/so, and some not at all. Many are new enough that the jury is still out.

Here's a screenshot of my earnings to date (click for a bigger view):

Meanwhile I'm learning about what makes a good eHow article and how I can promote articles to boost their earning power.'s all fun!

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