Monday, November 3, 2008

Who is Behind eHow?

eHow is a Demand Media site. Richard Rosenblatt is Demand Media's co-founder, Chairman and CEO.

Never heard of Richard Rosenblatt? Have you heard of MySpace? Read on to learn more about who is behind eHow.


Janet Ford said...

I have watched Richard Rosenblatt for awhile now, similar to an internet stalker. LOL He's a brilliant, brilliant man! He is also one to watch when it comes to internet predictions. He's been right on the money on many accounts. When Richard Rosenblatt says the future of the internet means ___. It's time to take notes! eHow is his baby. He sees great things in store at It's time for us all to jump on it while it's still young!
It was a huge highlight for me when we were able to meet him in person in October.

Julie said...

Janet, you rock! I'm something of a cyber stalker myself. (Only in a good way, not a scary way. ;-))

When we returned from Santa Monica I read up on RR and found him just fascinating.

Thanks for the comment!


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