Sunday, November 9, 2008

What If You Don't Want to Make Money with eHow?

Does is seem like a silly question? Well, it was asked on the eHow Community Chatter forum tonight.

The writer just wants to write some articles without all the "red tape" of Paypal and taxes.

Leaving aside for a moment just how much "red tape" is involved, the answer is yes, you can write for eHow without getting paid. You can sign up for eHow without signing up for the Writer Compensation Program.

You have to be an eHow member to be part of the Writer Compensation Program. You don't, however, have to be part of the WCP just because you are an eHow member.

Why would someone want to do write for eHow without being paid?

Well, some people just enjoying sharing what they know. Others might want to drive traffic to their website or blog. Still others might enjoy the community aspect of eHow. In all of these cases, money might not be the main priority.

So how much "red tape" is involved in being paid by eHow? According to the FAQ on the website, if you earn more than $10 in a year, a 1099 will be sent to the IRS at year's end. A copy will be sent to you.

It's not really a lot of red tape, but depending on your tax situation, you, like the person on the Community Chatter forum, may be wondering if it's possible to write and not be paid. And the answer is definitely 'yes'.

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