Monday, December 1, 2008

November eHow Earnings Update

I was excited to finally break the $100 ceiling on eHow this month. My eHow income increased almost 33% to $101.26.

I added 15 ehow articles for a total of 142.

My total earned at eHow to date is $320.62.

It's been a rocky week at eHow with all the site changes coming right before the Thanksgiving holiday. It seems to be settling down, however, and the bugs are getting ironed out.


Felicia said...

Congrats on your eHow earnings. I LOVE hearing how other writers are doing so well with eHow. It inspires me to continue writing.

Julie said...

Thanks, Felicia. I, too, love hearing about the experiences of other writers. When I first started at eHow there wasn't much info about what people were earning. It's much more open now and I find it so inspiring.

Sarah H. said...

Those are great earnings! I agree with Felicia...very inspiring.

pfincome said...

Great job on your November earnings! I am inspired by posts like these.


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