Monday, November 24, 2008

eBook Review: How to Write for eHow by Janet Ford

Janet Ford is a legend on eHow. At the recent eHow summit I attended she received the award for most friends on eHow. In my opinion, that is due to one thing: her willingness to share with others what she has learned. That quality is truly evident in her new ebook, How to Write for eHow: The Ultimate Guide to Writing on eHow.

But Janet is not just a friendly writer. She's a website designer with SEO experience and she knows her stuff. She was among the first to see the revenue-generating potential of eHow and she's created enough income with eHow that her husband has quit asking her to get a "real job."

First the nitty gritty. How to Write for eHow is 82 pages long and it covers everything from creating a profile to promoting articles. Each section includes not only the basics, but Janet's tips for success in that area.

Janet has included writing tips, information on keywords, and a great section on the importance of eHow friends, which is of course her specialty.

Janet attributes much of her success at eHow to the social promotion of her articles. She uses sites like Digg and Stumbleupon with great skill and she shares her approach in the book. In fact, her section on Promoting Your Article includes information on the twenty different social networking sites that she has found the most effective.

My favorite section of How to Write for eHow is Earning with eHow, where Janet touches on the kinds of earnings she's seeing and the amount of time she puts in. She also explains how to move beyond the money earned from eHow directly and to begin earning with affiliate programs and your own site.

In short, I can highly recommend Janet Ford's book. It is well worth the $27 price. Anyone who reads it and follows the advice in it will earn back that amount and much more.

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