Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Site Changes Underway at eHow

Yesterday eHow began rolling out some new and exciting changes to the site. Perhaps one of this biggest changes is the addition of eHow Groups, which will allow more social networking within the site.

The site is a little (understandably) buggy right now while the changes are being implemented but that situation seems to be improving rapidly.

A great way to keep up with all that is going on at eHow is with the new eHow Blog. The blog even includes a video which will give you a peek at the eHow offices.


Jessie said...

Yes, change is upon us at eHow. I say the change is good! Good post.

Julie said...

I think the change is good too, Jessie. We've just got to ride out a few bumps first.

Dusty said...

I love eHow and will wait out the bugs. I had 70 friends before the "changes" and only have 13 now. I guess I will have to slowly add them back. I hate that because I like to make comments on my friend's articles and now they are gone!

Julie said...

Dusty, I know...the friends thing is a bummer. Maybe they will get added back for us?

Everytime I log into the site I see improvements so I think it will all be running smoothly soon!

the green ninja said...

I think things are getting a little better..I love the new stuff..just wish the bugs would get worked out.


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