Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick eHow Tip: Related Articles

You should always attempt to include your own relevant articles in the related articles section of the eHow template. The idea is that when someone clicks away from your article, you want them to click on something that benefits YOU, whether that is an ad, an affiliate link, or another of your articles.

I've found, however, that when searching for my articles using the search function in the eHow article template, I can't always find them. Even when I put the title in word for word.

One trick I've found is to use different combinations of words in my title until I hit on my own. I may have to remove the 'How to' part of the title. If that doesn't work I'll remove other words and then add some back if necessary. Sometimes I can find it when entering just one or two words from the title.

The good news is that once I've played around with this enough, I can usually hit on the article I'm looking for in the search results and add it to 'related articles'. Hopefully that little bit of persistence pays off with additional article views.


Jamie said...

You can also just link to them in the Resources section. I find this a lot easier. ;)

Julie said...

Good point, Jamie. I like to feature them in 'related articles' because they're a little higher up on the page and it shows a picture if you've used one in the article and that can be an attention grabber. The resources section is definitely another option, however.


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