Saturday, February 21, 2009

Using the eHow Widget

I'm not going to lie. I'm in love with the eHow widget. It's such a professional way for us to feature up to five of our eHow articles. In fact, someone on the eHow forums said she started a blog just so she could use the widget. How cool is that?

So which five articles should a writer feature? In my opinion, you should go one of two directions:

1. Feature articles that have been performing well for you. Play to your strengths. Don't try to prop up articles that aren't doing well; help the high performers do even better!

2. Feature new articles. Help your new articles get views (and hopefully earnings) by getting them seen in the widget.

This is also a good time to mention that when at all possible, use a photo with your article. That widget looks so much better (and clickable) with those photos featured along with the articles.


Kaye said...

Hi, Thanks for the information. :) I just started using eHow and wanted to use the widget but it is too wide for my blog format. I need a slim, one-column version. Do you know of a way to adjust the size of the widget?

Kaye said...

I answered my own question, and wrote an eHow article about it :) I use a blog with the theme, Thesis, and the directions are geared for that, however, I suspect others can do the same thing with some tweaks. The article is at :)

Jami Delgado said...

I love it too Julie! I've posted it all over the place and have noticed a significant increase in earnings. Anyone else notice this trend as well?

Julie said...

Kaye, you're a genius! Thanks so much for writing that eHow and sharing it here. I was able to narrow the width of the widget to fit in my sidebar, and also lengthen it so you don't have to scroll to see all articles.

Thanks so much!

Julie said...

Jami, where all have you posted it? I've put it on my blogs but that is all.

I've also featured my five newest articles and I do think they started earning more quickly than others have been recently. Maybe coincidence but maybe not.

Thanks for the comment!


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