Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Bits of Good News: eHow Earnings Updates and eHow Ebook on Sale

After a rocky period at eHow regarding earnings updates, everything finally seems to be back on track. Earnings are updating daily and usually around the same time.

Regular earnings updates make a huge difference to eHow writers. It's nice to get that daily feedback, no matter how small the update. And if you're tweaking articles or using SEO techniques, it's important to know if your methods are working.

Another bit of good news: Janet Ford's ebook How to Write for eHow: The Ultimate Guide to Writing on eHow is currently on sale for $15. That's a huge savings over the regular price of $27. I don't know how long the offer is good for. If I am able to find out, I'll let you know here.

I've reviewed Janet's ebook and also compared it to the three other ebooks currently being offered by eHow writers.


Julie said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for this post. Our eHow team has been working around the clock to keep our system running smoothly - we've even added several new features! I haven't gone through Janet's book yet but I plan doing so pretty soon. From what I hear people have found her book and the other eHow ebooks useful.

Community Manager

Jennifer said...

It is great to have the daily earnings from Ehow. It gives me motivation and helpful information to write better articles to build my residual income.

Shamrockcon said...

Have you used this ebook? Is it good?

Julie said...

Shamrockon - Yes, I have the ebook and I can highly recommend it. Look at the bottom of this post and you'll find links to my review.

Thanks for commenting!


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