Friday, May 1, 2009

eHow Earnings: Passive Income Takes a Jump This Month

Well, the April earnings are in and my passive income at eHow took an almost 22% jump this month to $174.35. That brings my total eHow earnings to date to over $1000. This despite the fact that I only added two new articles, both on the 29th of the month.

I am beyond happy with the way eHow continues to provide me with passive income. And the jump my earnings took this month have motivated me to find the time to write more.

How are your eHow earnings looking? I hope it was a great month for you too!


John said...

I am posting my articles on and

Both websites have the same concept but I am making money from both.

eHow Earnings said...

My eHow earnings for April 09, were $45.66 with 42 articles.

April was my second full month with eHow and I only added 4 articles in April so I'm happy!

Julie said...

Thanks for the tip, John.

Awesome earnings for your second month, eHow Earnings. Congrats!


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