Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Change at Xomba

If you're confused by Xombytes and Xomblurbs when writing at Xomba, you don't need to be confused any longer. Xomba is now simply referring to them as Articles and Bookmarks, which is a lot less confusing. To summarize:

Bookmarks (the old Xomblurbs) allow you to link to any other site or article on the web - including your eHow articles - by just copying the URL and writing a 50 word description. Articles (the old Xombytes) are full-blown articles, but are still very easy to write with only 150 words required. I can usually create a Bookmark of one of my eHow articles in under a minute.

I am still in the process of bookmarking all of my eHow articles on Xomba. I like the idea of backlinking all of my eHow articles and creating an additional residual income stream for me at the same time. To date I have written eight articles and entered 161 bookmarks at Xomba and have earned $10.92 in the process.


clarkkent said...

It looks like you are earning a good amount from xomba for very little work (since it only takes you about a minute to post a bookmark). I signed up for xomba about a week ago but haven't done anything yet. I think I will try to make some links to my ehow articles tonight. Thanks for the info.

Julie said...

Clark - Exactly. The bookmarks are easy to write. I try to do about ten in a sitting. I'm just about 40 away from having my whole eHow library bookmarked.

Let me know what your experience is at Xomba.

Laura said...

I like that they changed xomblurbs and xombytes to bookmarks and articles. Sounds more professional when you are talking about them.

I have been there less than a month and I think I am doing pretty good.

Julie said...

Laura, that's awesome! Have you applied to be a feature author? They have several categories that need them and it's not very time intensive.

Jeremyinc said...

Pretty cool stuff. I was confused when I first visited xomba. $10 is not that bad. My first post on xomba got earned me $4.95 in my first day!

It was a one off thing though because I posted something I knew a lot of people would be searching for on that day. I am thinking of starting my own internet marketing / make money online blog. I'll let you know fi I do

John said...

Julie - So which option (bookmark or article) do you prefer? Are the links on Xomba dofollow? I have only written a few things there in the past, but didn't like how they named things. Based on this chance, I may need to revisit that thought.

Thanks for the update!

Julie said...

John, I prefer bookmarks because they are so much easier and faster to write. I have about 200 bookmarks vs. 20 articles. The links are nofollow at the present time, although Xomba is considering a way to offer certain writers an opportunity to create dofollow links.


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