Friday, April 16, 2010

Make Money Fast with Redgage

I've earned $8.75 in two days on Redgage. While I've been a member of Redgage for a while, I recently re-visited the site to buiild some backlinks to my eHow articles and other online content and was pleasantly surprised by my earnings.

How to Make Money with Redgage

Redgage is a site where you can write original content, create links to your other online content (like eHow articles) and upload photos and video. You earn a small amount for views on your Redgage content (pennies really) but Redgage also pays out bonuses for content that they feature.

I've earned $16.25 on Redgage and $13.80 of that has been feature bonuses. I don't think my experience is unusual. The bonuses (and daily contests) are the way to make money on Redgage and that is why it's possible to make money quickly there.

Redgage and Photos

My most recent feature bonus of $3.80 came from a picture I uploaded. It's a picture I took at the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and it accompanies this blog posting. I'm kind of excited about the potential to earn feature bonuses for photos at Redgage because I've been interested in Michael-John Wolfe's information on making residual income with stock photography. I even tried uploading a few photos to a stock photography site and had them rejected because of low resolution, non-commercial subject matter, etc. Because of that experience I had tabled the idea of pursuing stock photography as a source of residual income. But with Redgage I can upload some of (what I consider to be) my more interesting photos and earn some residual income from them. That's encouraging to me!

Redgage for Backlinks

One of the best reasons to use Redgage is for backlinks to your other online content. Creating a backlink at Redgage is similar to creating one on Xomba or She Told Me. You copy the link, give it a title, write a short description, and then add a few tags. It takes very little time to do and the links at Redgage are 'do-follow' so they're especially valuable. Redgage is a great addition to the collection of sites where you can actually make money with your backlinks.

Signing up for Redgage

If you'd like to give Redgage a try, you can find it at If you'd like to sign up as one of my referrals (I'll earn extra "raffle tickets" for the daily $25 contest) you can sign up using this link: Sign up for Redgage. Either way, be sure to send me a friend request once you're there. My user name is TheFamilyCEO.


alrady said...

GREAT post! I am loving Redgage (alrady) and my experience is similar. You have given me hope that it can be repeated. I love it for the fun. PHOTOS especially but also writing a blog or creating a link to my articles.

Michael-John Wolfe said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! I signed up for RedGage under your referral link.


Michael-John Wolfe

Laurence Michael said...

Great idea. I'm working on RedGage now. hopefully it drops a few extra bucks in my pocket. everyone can use a little extra residual income!


Kidgas said...

That's great that you were able to earn those bonuses. I haven't uploaded any photos so I suspect that is why I have yet to earn a bonus. It seems like the photos are the ones to get that extra income.

Neezhom Photographic said...

Yes, Redgage really paid. I'm not so active in it but so far i got 81 dollars , most came from being a featured member

I just link my Flickr to it, and my photos appear in RG :D

Sharla said...

I just signed up using your link. I hope it pays off! I have been writing for Bukisa for two and a half months now under the name pocketsofchange and have written a fair amount of articles so far. We'll see how Redgage goes!


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