Friday, May 21, 2010

Writing for Upfront Payments: A Textbroker Review

Okay, I have to admit it: I'm kind of addicted to Textbroker. Like a lot of "old" eHow writers, I've been experimenting with other online writing sites. One thing I've learned is that you can read all the comparisons and reviews you want, but in the end you've got to give writing on each site a try and see which ones work for you and writing for definitely works for me.

Making Money with Textbroker

I wrote my first article for Textbroker on May 12, requested my first payout of $20.50 yesterday and received the money in my Paypal account today. I've got more money pending already.

I've written 15 articles for Textbroker and they've ranged from $1.43 - $2.75 per article. (I'm a level 3 writer.) The word counts have ranged from 175 words to 400 words. These articles are quick and easy to write! Some of them are actually more like blog posts and I believed will be used as that by the person who bought them.

I'm purposely picking articles that will require little to no research on my part. For example, one article I wrote was for a housekeeping site and it was about tips for cleaning windows. I actually did several articles for that same client and none required any research at all. Some articles are even just re-writes of other information. Those can be very quick as well.

Now obviously no one is going to get rich writing $2-$3 articles, but the hope is I'll be able to move up to a level 4 or even level 5 writer, where the payouts are significantly larger. But even if I don't, I will probably continue to crank out these lower-paying articles from time to time for some quick pocket change.

A Break From Residual Earnings

Up until now I've been primarily focused on earning residual income with my writing. That is the name of this blog, after all. But it's also kind of nice to just sit down from time to time, bang something out, and get paid for it. Writing for upfront payment is especially good if you've had unexpected expenses come up or you've simply grown a little tired of watching the residual income trickle in. In fact, on of the things I like best about Textbroker is that I can do some residual income writing, take a break and write a couple of quick Textbroker articles, and then go back to the residual stuff. At the end of the day I like knowing that I've made some progress on building my residual income but I've earned some 'immediate money' too.

A Textbroker Expert

Now clearly I'm very new at the Textbroker game but my interest in Textbroker was piqued by someone much more experienced. Linda Everett, who goes by the name 'Grandma' on a lot of online sites and blogs, is a former professional copywriter who began writing for Textbroker in 2008. Since then she has progressed to the point where she can earn $2000 - $3000 per month from Textbroker. In fact, she recently had a $300+ day. Recently she wrote an eBook, Grandma's Little Black Book: How to Make Money Freelance Writing for Textbroker, and she's the perfect person to have done it because of her success with the site.

Grandma's book is 19 pages long and it's best suited for those who are brand new to the site. In it she shares a little bit about her background and her experience writing for Textbroker, including earnings information.

She then goes on to share lots of basic information about the Textbroker site and how it works. This is the kind of information that it can often take new writers a while to figure out on their own. Things like:
  • The Textbroker skill levels and how to move from a 2 or 3 to a 4 or even 5.
  • How to get paid from Textbroker.
  • How to set Direct Order rates. (Direct Orders are when a client requests an article(s) specifically from you. This can be one of the benefits of writing for Textbroker.)
  • Information about Textbroker Clients.
  • A section of Advanced Textbroker Tips.
Grandma's Little Black Book sells for $15, which you can easily make back in your first day or two of writing articles at Textbroker. As Grandma points out in her book, 'Even if you write one small article per day, it can bring you about $100 in income a month.' You can get more information about Grandma's book by clicking the Buy Now button below.

The Bottom Line on Textbroker

I enjoy writing for Textbroker because the assignments are varied and the work is quick. While my earnings has been minimal to this point, it is possible to earn a more significant income by advancing to the 4 or 5 level of writer. Grandma is the perfect example of that.

I also like knowing that if I needed to generate some money quickly I could do it through Textbroker because they pay twice a month.

If you have any questions or comments about Textbroker, please leave a comment below. I'll be happy to do what I can to answer them.


Gayle said...

Julie--I like the look of this blog! Kudos. I haven't looked into I'm trying to figure out DS. I was accepted, but I don't know if I care??? Thanks for this report on Gayle

Shari said...

Julie, thanks for the tip! You have a lot of great ideas here.

Justin J. Bartz said...

Great, concise review on the Textbroker site. I've written for the site for about a month and a half now and recently went up from three stars to four stars. As I understand it, a five star rating is for "professional writers only," but I don't see how they would identify that. Regardless, like you mentioned, it's a great site for rapid payouts. Many times, when I submit an assignment, it's approved (and then I'm paid) within a couple of hours. Two more sites to check out, if you haven't already, are WiseGeek and eCopywriters. The latter is similar to Textbroker (with higher payouts depending on your level), but it can take much, much longer to get paid.

Joan Caliso said...

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Kuldeep said...

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

Thanks, just checking out the TextBroker site, and I appreciate when folks post real numbers so you know what to expect and what's possible.

Laura of Passive Income Dorm said...

I just signed up for Textbroker and am currently a level 4 until I have 5 articles "officially" rated to determine my level. Hopefully it will stay at 4! The site seems easy to use and there are a lot of articles available. Yesterday they changed the payout to every week, so I'm very excited about this.

velvet53 said...

I write for Textbroker and I love it. I even got my two sons involved writing for them.


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