Thursday, August 5, 2010

eHow Earnings for June and July 2010 and a New Residual Income Goal

My eHow earnings remained at $200+ for both June and July. The final total was $216.22 for June and $211.80 for July, bringing my total earned from eHow to date to $3942.29. What's left to say about eHow? I'm not doing any backlinking or other form of promotion. It's completely passive income at this point and I'm grateful for whatever earnings it continues to generate.

The real growth in my passive income streams is happening with referring others to cash back sites like Mr. Rebates and Big Crumbs (two sites that I use myself and can recommend). I've posted a report of those residual income numbers at my blog, Make Money with Cash Back Sites. Pop over if you're interested!

I've had an idea floating around my head all summer that I've decided to officially make a goal. That goal is for each of my residual income streams to reach $100/month on a consistent basis. Of course I don't plan to stop there. After I reach that short-term goal I can either bump the amount or add additional income streams or both. Here's where I'm at so far:

  • eHow: eHow is a consistent $200+/month performer
  • Mr. Rebates: My income from referring others to Mr. Rebates is fast approaching $100/month and many months it has exceeded that. I expect it to be there consistently soon.
  • Big Crumbs: I made over $40 at Big Crumbs last month (again from referring others to the site) but this residual income stream is far from consistent. I think it has great potential, however, so I plan to try and get it there soon.
  • Adsense: I'm currently making around $25/month from Adsense, mostly from Hubpages, Info Barrel and a couple of blogs. Adding content to these sites will help boost this amount.
  • Amazon: Last month I made $26 on Amazon, from affiliate links in my eHow, Info Barrel and Hubpages articles. Again, adding content here will help boost this.
Getting all of these revenue streams to $100 as quickly as possible (and keeping eHow at $200) would effectively double my monthly residual income. And it's all very do-able. It's just a matter of doing more of what I've already done.

I'd love to hear how your residual income efforts are going and what goals you may have as we head into fall and beyond. Please consider leaving a comment and letting me know.


Kidgas said...

That is quite a monthly total with eHow. I am impressed. I have not heard of Mr. Rebates or Big Crumbs. I did a little with Cash Crate last year, but felt that I didn't really care for the business model and could not refer to it for that reason. Good luck with that short term goal.

Julie said...

Kidgas, thanks for the comment. Mr. Rebates and Big Crumbs are actually completely different than Cash Crate. They offer cash rebates for any online shopping that you do and they'll give you referral commissions for anyone you refer. I agree with you that I didn't care for Cash Crate's model either.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bristolboy said...

The target of $100 from each source is a very good target. Not much experience of the rest but I definitely think you should be able to reach $100 from Adsense - I certainly have.

Moon Hussain said...

Julie, impressive results and am looking forward to seeing your progress with your other goals.

Energy Rebates said...

Residual income efforts really work. As I also have same idea that always move in my mind to achieve a goal.


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