Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Residual Income Earnings Update for August

August was an exciting month for my growth in residual income. Here are the details:


I had a record month at eHow and, if the forums are any indication, a lot of other people did too. My eHow earnings for August were $270.73. That is 27% higher than last month and 17% higher than my previous high. Since writers can no longer add articles to eHow (unless they do it through the Demand Studios platform, which I am not doing) this represents completely passive income. I continue to be grateful for this revenue stream for as long as it lasts.

Cash Back Sites

August was another great month for earnings at Mr. Rebates and Big Crumbs. I've posted a report of those residual income numbers at my blog, Make Money with Cash Back Sites. The short story is that I added 33 new referrals at those sites and had payouts totaling $75. This does not include the rebates I earned for my own shopping at those sites. I continue to be quite excited about these streams of residual income.


My Adsense earnings were $33.71. $19.71 of that came from Hubpages and another $9.07 came from Xomba. Other sites contributed the rest. As quickly as possible I'd like to get to the point where I'm making the $100 payout from Adsense each month.

Fun story: The last time I deposited an Adsense check, the teller at my bank asked me, "How did you get a check from Google? That's cool."


In August I made $29.18 from Amazon. The breakdown was $22.52 from links on eHow articles, $6.06 from Hubpages, and $.60 from Xomba. Again, I'd like to get this amount to $100/month as quickly as possible.

The most valuable Amazon resource I've run across is Paula and Wanda's Amazonian Profit Plan. I've followed these ladies for quite some time and was so pleased they decided to put their plan down on paper and make it available to all of us. I'll use their technique with Hubpages, since I've had some success with them so far, and Paula and Wanda even mention Hubpages in their blueprint (although their real recommendation is to own your own sites). But I'd also like to use their method to write more Amazon reviews at Xomba, as they have one of the most attractive Amazon policies of all the revenue share sites.


So all told, I'm at $400+ for the month in residual income. Although $400 is not a huge number, I can reasonably expect to make that or more next month and the month after with no additional work. But I plan to do additional work to push that number to $500, then $1000 and beyond. I firmly believe if I can make $400/month online, then I can make $4000/month. It's simply a matter of scale.

I'd love to hear about your residual income or online earnings for August. Please leave a comment or a question and let me know how you're doing.


Melanie Bremner said...

I just started with posting to sites like Hubpages, Suite 101, and The Info Mine. I can't wait to get to the point where the money comes in and am encouraged by stories from other writers like you.

I agree with you about if you can make $400 a month, in time you can earn $4000. I am aiming for $1000 a month in residuals and hope to do it in a year.

I do work for some content mills like Bright Hub, Need an Article and private clients. I am making on average $500 a month part time doing that so if I add $1000 for residuals and any affiliate commissions which are starting to come in from my 6 blogs, I am on track for making the $2000 a month I am aiming for.

Keep on writing and posting your monthly amounts and I will be back to see if I can keep pace with you.

thanks again!

Julie @ Residual Income Writer said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Melanie. I haven't heard of Need An Article. Building residual income is exciting and addictive! Good look and I look forward to your future visits.

Maria said...

So funny, Julie, I JUST posted on another eHow writer's blog, "If you can make $400 a month online, you can make $4,000." Then i came here and you had the exact same line in your post.

You can do it! Do you have any niche blogs or html sites going?


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