Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Five Important Reasons to Write Your Articles in Batches

When writing for revenue sharing content sites, it’s easy to get distracted and jump all over the place. You write an article here on weight loss, and then another one there on making money online. As writers, most of us have been in that situation where it’s hard to concentrate and we wonder if we’re making any progress.

One solution to this predicament is to write articles in batches around a single topic. How many articles is up to you, but I have found that five articles is a good number for me to shoot for. Here are some of the reasons why this writing style can be helpful:

1.       It helps with writer’s block. The most difficult thing for many content writers is deciding what to write about. If you can focus on offshoots of existing articles, instead of coming up with entirely new topics, you’ll be way ahead of the game when it comes to avoiding writer’s block.
2.       If you are doing any research, you can make greater use of that research in multiple articles. Why research for one article or two when you can put that same research to work in five or more?
3.       You can focus more easily. By not skipping around, you can stay focused on the topic at hand and, hopefully, get a stream of consciousness going that will result in more output.
4.       Easier linking. If you write five articles on the same topic on a single site, you can link all of those articles together and hopefully keep the reader on your pages. You can also make use of other sites and backlink to your articles all at once. It’s a more efficient way to work.
5.       The related articles section will work for you. Most content sites have a related articles section in the sidebar of their pages. If you’ve written a lot about a topic – particularly if that topic is a niche one – you stand a good chance of those related articles being yours. That equals more exposure for you.

So the next time you’re cranking out an article, see if you can come up with several related titles to create at the same time. I think you’ll see your productivity soar.


Write and Earn Living said...

This is so true. I just did an article on how to do this step-by-step.

Writers who want to earn real money online do well to get into this habit.

andrew siddle said...

Thanks for this post...it makes staring at the brown bar of shame a little easier ;)

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