Thursday, April 22, 2010

Affiliate Marketing with Xomba

Just a quick update. I made my first Amazon affiliate sale with Xomba today. It's a product I had some luck with at eHow, back when affiliate links were allowed in the resource section. I created a separate Xomba tracking code in Amazon Affiliates so I could be sure where the sales were coming from and was pleased to see it had come from Xomba.

There are basically two ways to use affiliate links at Xomba:
  1. Create bookmarks using the affiliate link. You can link directly to your product. In addition to putting the affiliate link in the bookmark space that Xomba give you, I would create another one in the body of your bookmark description.
  2. Write articles that include affiliate links. Xomba articles only have to be 150 words long so this is easy to do.
You can sign up for Xomba for free. Where are you finding success with your affiliate marketing?


Bristolboy said...

This is an interesting idea and maybe something I should pursue. I only have five articles on Xomba and two links but make about $1 a month which I consider to be quite a good return and I am keen to create more links to articles elsewhere as and when I have the time.

Most of my referral income comes from capsules I have placed in my Hubpages articles - very easy to do and seems to get quite a few clicks/sales.

Samual said...

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aliah said...


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