Sunday, October 3, 2010

September Earnings Report

September was a great month in my efforts to earn residual income online.

eHow Earnings

I wasn't sure what to expect out of eHow, as August was my best month ever. My earnings did decline, but not by much, and September ended up being my second highest month ever at eHow, with earnings of $244.95. This brings my total eHow earnings to date to $4457.97. 

It's so exciting to see eHow earnings remain strong this long after the change in the Writers Compensation Program. I currently have one article with earnings of about $345, two additional articles with earnings between $200 and $300, and four articles with earnings of between $100 and $200. With 204 articles published at eHow, my average earnings per article is currently $21.85 and that will only continue to grow each month.

Cash Back Sites

My payouts from these sites was $128.62 from Mr. Rebates and $62.88 from Big Crumbs. I post more detail on these passive income streams at my blog Make Money with Cash Back Sites.


My Adsense earnings were down a bit from last month. The total for September was $27.14. Hubpages contributed 44% ($11.94) and Xomba was responsible for 43% ($11.74).


Amazon earnings held steady at $32.31. Xomba was responsible for over half of my Amazon earnings at $16.73. The rest was fairly equally split between Hubpages and eHow.

So, all told, I almost reached the $500 mark last month. Reaching that regularly would be a major milestone for me. So, onto October. How are your passive earnings doing?


John @ Passive Family Income said...

Julie - That is great your eHow earnings continue to grow. Mine have stayed steady since March +/- $30.

Any tips on making income from Xomba? I think I have only made about $.20 from there and haven't really liked the site. I just keep hearing other people raving about it.

Rachel @ Pen Meets Wallet said...

I did pretty good for myself in September as well. Currently, I'm really working on building up my adsense income with HUbpages and my own niche sites.

And I agree, it's so nice to see that eHow earnings are remaining steady!


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